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    Performer, Emcee or Vendor? Web applications open FEB. 1, 2020.

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    The 5th Annual Itty Bitty Burlesque Festival in Quesnel, B.C. will showcase an amazing array of Burlesque artists who hail from BC’s northern small towns to the bright city lights of Vancouver and beyond.


    Our growing festival will be held over three days again this year, running April 23, 24 & 25, 2020. You can look forward to wonderful Burlesque extravaganzas, including a local showcase on Thursday night and out of town artists performing on Friday and Saturday nights.


    The Burlesque community in Quesnel has been blossoming for nine years now, under the fierce and fabulous tutelage of Sasparilla Foxx. She continues to support the Burlesque performers and their audiences by creating events to support an explosion of diverse artistic expression.


    You will find that the Itty Bitty Burlesque Festival is not so "Itty Bitty" anymore and proves to be an outstanding and diverse showcase of Burlesque entertainment.


    We are excited to be in our fifth year. What a milestone!


    we will be posting this year's headliners very soon.



    Silk E Gunz

    Edmonton, AB

    She’s sassy, she’s sexy, she’s Silk E Gunz! Causing a captivating calamity wherever she goes, Silk E always delivers a rip-roaring good time. This rock n’ roll sexpot tours regularly with the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue to jam-packed theatres throughout Western Canada. She has brought her unstoppable energy to numerous international festivals as a soloist and with the Cheesecakes including Vancouver, Toronto,New Orleans, Philadelphia, Edmonton, Calgary, Quesnel,Nelson BC, and the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas. This dynamic dynamo is guaranteed to tease and titillate you until you scream for more. Hailing from Edmonton, AB, she’s the Sexiest Six Shooter in Town!

    Melody Mangler

    Vancouver, BC

    Melody Mangler is the current artistic director of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, co-founder of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival as well as a member of Sweet Soul Burlesque. Melody is a regular competitor at the The Burlesque Hall of Fame in the Queen category after her victory in the Best Debut category in 2009. Miss Mangler is a headline performer across the world being featured in shows and festivals from Australia to New York and everywhere in between. This tattooed fireball incorporates dance, comedy and singing into a variety of stunning acts that range from classic striptease to dark Gorelesque to the downright silly.

    Beau Creep

    Edmonton, AB

    Beau Creep is an Edmonton-based, interdisciplinary performance artist, host and producer. He has garnered international attention; appearing on stages across Canada, USA, and Europe as well as received numerous awards for his eccentric, over-the-top stage acts that combine the satire and “punk-factor” of neo-burlesque with the effervescence and sophistication of classic striptease. With a background in improv-theatre, clown, and sideshow, he paints elaborate commentaries on pop culture and current socio-political issues. He firmly believes that he would’ve run away to join the circus had he not been too busy being raised by drag queens and showgirls but his worlds were meant to collide and he has become his own fabulous three-ring spectacle. Credits include Founder and Artistic Director of All Tease All Shade A Queer Cabaret, being on the Edmonton Burlesque Festival Board of Directors, Member and Costume designer for Alberta’s premiere boylesque/dance troupe, Man Up!, and producer of numerous other Alberta based events.


    Los Angeles CA

    Egypt Blaque Knyle is an Award Winning Professional Dancer, Model, Actress and Business Woman noted to have the most awards and titles in burlesque history and ranking #18 as one the best burlesque performers in the world. She has traveled the world with many dance company’s and celebrity artist. Egypt was employed by Disney for years performing in a host of shows such as The Lion King. She was the principal dancer in the "Chocolate Nutcracker", playing the Egyptian Queen and the Snake Queen also playing Nefertiti and Hepseptsut in a production called "Queens of the Nile Now" produced by Debbie Allen and she also had the pleasure of cheering for the Raiderettes.


    Egypt Blaque Knyle has worked in the naughty entertainment field for many years exotic dancing worldwide as a Headliner. She has the only all black and latin burlesque show in Los Angeles, California called the Bronze Beauties of Burlesque.


    Egypt Blaque Knyle has competed and performed at Viva Las Vegas two years in a row as the reining princess and has now been crowned the Queen Ambassador of Viva Las Vegas Burlesque through her Dita Von Teese Choice Award in 2017 and she will hold this title until the next Viva anniversary. Egypt was also the Sparkly Devil Scholarship winner for the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2016 and went on to compete for Best Debut in 2017. Egypt will be competed for the Reigning Queen of Burlesque in the 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame "Tournament of Tease".


    In her muggle life she’s a Social Worker and Advocate for the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS in the skidrow downtown area assisting and housing the homeless and working in Mental Health.


    Egypt Blaque Knyle was born and continued to dazzle with her acrobatic sexiness and sultry tantalizing dance movement. With a very intensive background in dance Egypt “Wows” her audience as the girl who put all the B’s in Burlesque. She’s Brainticious, Booblicious, Bodacious and Bootylicious.

    EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!​

    EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! is a multi-award winning burlesque performer, vocalist, songwriter, and emcee, based out of Seattle. This human/cartoon hybrid's camp, comedy, innate musicality, and sass have made him a flaming figure who'll fire your fuse and ignite your senses. His exclamations will leave you marked! With over 20 festivals to his credit, highlights have included competing for Best Boylesque at the Burlesque Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas, and headlining such festivals as The Mess-tival, and The Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival. He has toured the US extensively, Canada a fair dollop, and Europe a bit.



    Seattle, Washington

    The Sound of Freedom, burst onto the Seattle burlesque and cabaret scenes. Making her mark as a powerhouse performer and producer, Boom Boom favors a classic approach to Burlesque infused with her own spicy flavor that melts hearts and captivates souls. After spending her early years growing up in NYC, Boom Boom found herself drawn to the arts at an early age. Since her explosive start from the Kindergarten of Burlesque, Boom Boom has been heating up the stages of Seattle with her classic moves and sultry style. Currently, she sat as the talent buyer and booking agent at the Can Can Seattle for 2 yrs, and active Stage Manager at Burlesque Behind the Pink Door, Producer/Performer at Boom Boom L’Roux’s Late Night Revue, Producer of DRIPPING, and an active Independent Performer. You can also find her working behind the scenes at BurlyCon and Moisture Festival, and as an active instructor at Pole Fitness Seattle.



    Edmonton, Alberta

    Send n the Girls Burlesque is made up of some of Edmonton's best indie theatre artists. Send in the Girls Burlesque is a collective concerned with matching the performance style of burlesque with the narrative of theatre to create burlesque that tells a story and goes a step above the usual bump and grind.


    Nelson, BC

    Judith Stein got her leg up in burlesque in the 1970s when she answered a help wanted ad for topless go-go girls that read: "no experience necessary." Since then she has performed internationally and is now recognized as Canada's burlesque legend by the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

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